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Posted Mar 26, 2019

I've been working on a website with the requirement to truncate certain text fields—display the first several words of the text, with a "show more" link which on click, expands the rest of the text. As I was under a very tight deadline, I found and implemented a jQuery plugin that did what I needed. Quick and easy. However, that approach creates several problems. One, it's a lot of code for a pretty simple function. Two, since it's applied client-side, not server-side, it didn't work on...

Tags: Drupal 8, twig, html, javascript, content display, theming

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Posted Aug 4, 2016

(Note that this technique is totally deprecated by Flexbox and CSS Grid, but it's interesting for historical purposes, I guess). If you've ever tried to do it, you know that vertically centring elements in CSS is notoriously difficult. Horizontal centring is a relative breeze, but vertical is another story. I often have a use-case where I want to vertically centre some text on top of an image, say for a site banner. For example: I have a few requirements: I want the image to be an actual...

Tags: front end, CSS, vertical centering

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