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About me

Susanna CelsoMy name is Susanna Celso. I've been mucking around with websites since 1999. It started with updating my school's website as part of my part-time job, and I quickly discovered a love for it. After graduating, I began building websites for charities and friends, and it grew from there. In 2007, I discovered the Drupal content management system, and have mainly worked with Drupal since, although I've also worked with WordPress and various other CMSs.

I build and configure Drupal websites, but my main specialty is front-end development (theming) for Drupal websites. Graphic design was my first love, and I bring that design sensibility into every project. I also do the odd logo/business card/flyer/infographic design.

I'm located in Toronto, Canada, but am open to working with clients anywhere. As a US citizen, I'm authorized to work for US clients.

If you're interested in having me work for you, either building your website or as part of a project team, please feel free to drop me a line.

I often work with Blackfly Solutions, and highly recommend them.

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