About me

My name is Susanna Celso, and I'm a front-end developer and Drupal themer/site builder, specializing in accessibility.

I got my start in web development in the late 90s, back in the days of tables and font tags. In 2007, I was introduced to the Drupal content management system and have worked mainly in Drupal since then, although I also have experience with other CMSs, including WordPress. I'm highly experienced in all aspects of creating beautiful, responsive, performant and usable front ends, as well as building, configuring, and maintaining Drupal sites (I am not, however, a back end developer/PHP programmer).

In 2016 I began learning as much as possible about web accessibility standards and how to build sites that work for everyone, including those with visual and other disabilities. I am fully committed to making the sites that I build as accessible as possible, as well as educating other developers and content authors on accessibility and performing website accessibility audits.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested in working with me!

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