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Just a few of the many sites I've worked on over the years, with a description of my role on each project. Please note that my work on a site does not imply endorsement of the organization or site content.

Torah in Motion 2023

This is a work-in-progress redesign. My role is to implement the design as the front-end theme, incorporating accessibility and responsiveness along the way, and also to make improvements to the content structure and modernize the content editing experience.

Canadians for Tax Fairness 2022

Redesigned and reorganized site along with implementing new content types and functionality.

Brentwood Country Animal Hospital 2022

Designed, built and themed Drupal 9 site.

Audits tool for CNIB 2021

Built and minimally themed Drupal 8 site; upgraded site to Drupal 9. This site is a tool for the business arm of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, CNIB Frontier, which performs audits of digital properties such as websites and apps. It includes extensive use of content types, Views, taxonomies, and the Group module to manage different levels of permissions. It allows auditors to collect data related to accessibility audits, sales staff to make audit requests, and clients to log in, view, and download their audit data.

Honest Money Now 2021

This client is a financial education website (Drupal 8), which didn't have a large budget but wanted a basic design refresh and a few new features.

New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association 2020

Built and themed majority of Drupal 8 site. Uses the Group module to manage different levels of user access & permissions.

Michigan Potato Industry Commission 2020

Built and themed majority of Drupal 8 site, including ecommerce. Site uses the Group module to manage different types of user groups including event registration, group information, and more.

Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency 2019

Built and themed Drupal 8 site.

Centre for Equitable Library Access 2019

CELA is a public library service for Canadians with print disabilities, provided by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. As such the site needed to be fully accessible. A highlight is the accessibility menu which switches various theme aspects such as colours, font, font size, etc. Built Drupal 8 theme from client-supplied design.

Society for Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators 2016

Designed and built Drupal 7 theme.

Maquila Solidarity Network 2015

Built Drupal 7 theme.

Toronto Jazz Festival mobile site 2014

Built theme for mobile site from client-supplied design.

TV Ontario 2011

Built one main parent theme and 10 subthemes for TVO's various web properties using the Drupal 6 Fusion theme and Skinr module as a base. (Sites have since been redesigned).

Toronto Jazz Festival 2010

Themed Drupal 6 site from client-supplied design.