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Print formatted date with correct timezone from datetime or daterange field in node and Views templates - Drupal 8

I've been working on a site with events, and tearing my hair out over how to print formatted dates with the correct timezone value in Twig templates, specifically node.html.twig and views-view-fields.html.twig.

Add visually hidden file type indicator to file field links - Drupal 8

I'm working on a website which has icons on file upload links, like so:

PDF file links with icons

This is nice for people who can see the icons, but what about those who can't? Accessibility means giving all users an equivalent experience, regardless of how they're accessing the site.

If the icons were inline images, we could put an alt of "PDF" on them and be done. However, in this case, they're background images.

How to make search block form label visible - Drupal 8

By default, the label for the core Search module text input in Drupal 8 is set to invisible, that is, it's present but hidden by applying the "visually-hidden" class so users of assistive technology can read it. But what if you want to display it visually?

That's not so easy. There's no way to do it through configuration, and little to no information about how to do it with code.

I muddled around and finally found where the visibility was being set, in SearchBlockForm.php in the core Search module. In there we find: